Vlog: MEET MY FRIENDS, Red Robin, & Famous on Bing Maps?! | 9/13/14

Today’s post is a vlog! I went to dinner with two of my friends Tia and Jailey, and the next day I took a little weekend trip to see one of my best friends Rachel!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this! Like this post if you want to see more vlogs! For more updates on my life be sure to follow me on all my social media @TheBlushBeauty. See you soon in my next post!

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Own Your Own Bedhead: Styling Hair!

Own Your Own Bedhead: Hair styling! | TheBlushingBeauty

I suffer from bedhead hair… but in a way don’t we all? Even with the best night’s sleep your hair can still get tangled, oily, knotty and just useless. But I have created a look that will not only fix all those problems, but also show you a solution to getting better sleep

This hair tutorial is simple but still very cute, and I love the side fishtail I did.

As mentioned in the video, check out caspersleep.com! They are an awesome online matress company. I’m not kidding, really, I looked up reviews of their mattresses from external sources and everyone seems to love them! Check out their website here!

I hope this helps you guys tackle your bedhead- and make it look great! If you try out this look tag me @Theblushbeauty on all my social media! I love you all and I’ll see you soon

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Game Day Style: Major League Baseball! | TheBlushingBeauty


When I think about all of my favorite things to do, sporting events always seem to be the thing that sticks out to me. The atmosphere is always fun, exciting and of course competitive! I have the best times and make such great memories.

I’m a volleyball player but I love to watch other sports and baseball is one of them! When you go out to a baseball game or even any other sporting event, you want to look put together and cute but still comfy so you can move freely while talking with your friends and walking around. I decided to show you the look I would wear featuring some of my favorite pieces for this upcoming fall season.


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My look revolves around this Mariners hat from fanatics.com. I mainly chose it for the pretty teal and navy color combo, but hey they’re a pretty good team too! This website features sports attire for not just baseball but football, soccer, basketball and more. Perfect for sporty occasions that you will be going to for fall as well as the rest of the school year! Be sure to their hats you can click here and to visit their site click here!

For the rest of the look I kept the color scheme around navy to match with the color of the hat. My striped top is from Hollister, the cardigan is from Forever 21 and jeans are American Eagle. I like the faded/distress look on the thighs down; it makes for a more laidback look.

For a bit more interest I used a silver, spiked necklace from H&M! I absolutely love how it stands out. My shoes are simple black converse, comfy and easy to throw on. I also used this bag from the brand bueno. The brown shade contrasts well with the blue colors.

There you have it, my game day ready look! This is perfect for your sporting (especially baseball) occasions. Let me know what you would wear to a game in the comments down below! Be sure to follow me and fanatics on twitter/instagram! You can send me your looks by tagging me @TheBlushBeauty. Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you soon xoxo

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Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye: Review and Demo

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye Review & Demo | TheBlushingBeauty

I have been dying my hair since eighth grade. I’ve always had a sort of brassy, brownish color and at the time I decided to dye it… and I’ve been doing it ever since with this garnier hair dye! This was my fourth time dying it so I wanted to show you a demo as well as give you a review.

The color that I use is Sweet Cola/Darkest Brown #30. I have tried Dark Brown as well, but I like the other one better. The best thing about this hair dye is that it is inexpensive (about 7 dollars a box at Walmart or Target) and a trip to the salon would be at least 100 dollars. I did have to use two boxes because I have thick hair.

I also love the easy application and the color payoff! Very warm toned and dark, which is exactly what I wanted.

If you are looking for a hair dye this is the one I would recommend I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and I love it. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any. And if you decide to try it, send me a picture of you hair once you dye it and tag me @Theblushbeauty on twitter/instagram. Give this post a like if you enjoyed! I’ll talk to you guys in my next post xoxo

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5 Minute Curls!

5 minute curls. It’s a beautiful thing.

5 Minute Curls | The Blushing Beauty

Why? Let’s be real.

It’s the start of the school year, getting back to work, whatever. After days of sleeping in until noon waking up at 5 in the morning is not an easy task.

Pressing snooze is.

So if you are someone who would prefer to sleep in than wake up early, but still have nice looking hair, this is for you! I have been using this method for over a year now, on how to get my hair curled in 5 minutes!! It’s simple, easy, fast of course and I think it looks great!

I promise this only takes 5 minutes, and to prove I did time myself!

The video explains it all but if you want some more info here are my tips:

  • Curl from back to front of your hair. That way when you finish curling a strand you can just toss it over your shoulder and get it out of the way!
  • Don’t section off your hair. Even if you have thick hair, (I do too!) it will take a lot longer. Just trust me on this one.
  • Take wide sections and wrap tightly around the wand for about 6 seconds. As soon as you take it off the wand, hold the curl for about 3 seconds so it can set.
  • Use a higher heat setting, I did 390 something

The products I used:

  • Remington 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch curling wand (I have the older looking model if you were wondering)
  • Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protectant
  • Garnier Anti Humidity Volumizing Hairspray
  • John Frieda Original Serum

Ta-da! Now you can sleep in and have perfect look hair. And who doesn’t like that?

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August Favorites | In 60 Seconds

August is over! It felt like such a long month to me, although I am still shocked that it’s over! For this month of favorites I decided to do it in 60 seconds, and make it a little bit different.

My favorites:

  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Foundation + Maybelline BB Cream- I mix these together to create the perfect face product
  • Wet n Wild Shine Nail Polish in Black Creme- This is only a dollar but is one of the best formulations of polish I’ve tried!
  • B&BW Lotion in Dark Kiss- I also love the body mist, this scent is a musky berry vanilla and it’s sooo good!
  • F21 Polka Dot Shorts- Super comfy and soft shorts, I wore these so much this month

Other favorites I didn’t show in the video:

Vlogging! I vlogged a ton this (as well as July) and it was so fun! I vlogged a waterfall hike, cleaning my closet, getting my second piercing, the Ed Sheeran concert and more! To visit my channel you can click here, and I’d love if you’d subscribe. I also loved watching Tara Michelle’s Vlogs, she does them daily and they are my favorite vlogs to watch! Check them out, you’ll love them and they’re kinda addicting haha!

Another favorite was getting my second piercing! (I vlogged it) and I’m so happy I got it done, it looks super cute and it didn’t hurt the slightest bit.

Finally I did my summer playlist video, so if you want to see what music I’ve been loving check it out!

Those were all my favorites this month, I hope you liked the way I edited this video! Let me know what your favorites were for this month. Don’t forget to follow me on this blog and all my social media! I love you and I’ll see you on Wednesday!

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Get Ready With Me: Ed Sheeran Concert + VLOG!

Hello lovelies! I am back and ready to be posting again! I will be uploading every Sunday and Wednesday (: Today I’m going to show you how I got ready for the Ed Sheeran Concert! I included the hair, makeup and outfit I wore. It was so much fun, and if you watched my playlist video you would know he is one of my all time favorite artists!

I decided to also vlog the experience, so if you want to watch that here it is! I got a decent amount of him performing live if you are interested. He sounded so good live, even better than in the studio if that’s possible?!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to give it a like and leave me a comment if you did. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to my main channel and my vlog channel! I start school tomorrow so wish me luck!! You guys are the best and I’ll see you Sunday xoxo

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